Exterminator Prices

Pest Control Prices

What does pest control cost ? There are so many reasons to call an exterminator. Whether you need pest control service for your residence or you need an exterminator for your commercial property. We want to help make your decision a little easier.

There is a high demand for exterminators, and is there also many different pest control companies to choose from. Our goal is to help guide you through the sea of pest control companies and to give you our unbiased opinion for the cost of pest control.



 Do Your own Pest control

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Flea exterminator cost

What does it cost to exterminate fleas




Cost Of Pest Control

How much does Orkin pest control cost 

Orkin pest control has been around since 1901 they are probable the biggest  pest control company in the world. But as far as there prices are concerned  they will come out to look at your property and give you a quote depending on the size of your property and the problem that you are having.




Terminix Prices

Terminix has been around for about 85 Years  they are an national chain that offer several pest control plans. One of there plans is a quarterly pest control plan that goes for 109.00 per quarter.



Pest Control Cost

There are many companies that do pest control. From your small mom and pop companies, to the large corporations. But they all have to be certified  and knowledgeable  about chemicals . If you are interested in getting  a service for preventive pest control, you can get a by monthly service from $50 to $ 75 every other month.




Exterminator Prices

Roach Exterminator Cost

What does pest control cost ?German cockroaches in your home can multiply very quickly. The cost of a roach exterminator for a home that is not infested to badly usually starts out at about $125.00 and goes higher.




Ways to prevent a pest infestation

  1. Do not leave dirty dishes overnight. Cockroaches and ants will be attracted to that.
  2. Keep the kitchen counter tops free from crumbs.
  3. Fix any water leaks. Cockroaches are attracted to water.
  4. Keep clutter and debris off the garage floor. Rodents, and spiders love clutter.
  5. Knock down any spiderwebs that you see. Spiders will leave and make a home somewhere else.




One time pest control cost

How much does one time pest control service cost ? There are a lot of variables that come into question when it comes to determining how much the cost is for a one time pest control service. Some companies don’t offer one time pest control service. But there are some pest control companies that do offer that service.It depends on the size of the property and the pest problem that you are having. For preventive pest control service on a average size house. It will cost you anywhere from $75 to $150.




How much does pest control cost for roaches

Pest control cost for roaches




Ant exterminator cost

what does it cost to exterminate ants



Termite inspection cost

Look here for the cost of termite inspection



Mouse exterminator  Cost

A lot of pest control companies will charge a start up fee from $125 to 200 ,and a monthly fee of  $35 to $50 per month  to exterminate mice in a single family home.

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